"The acceptance of these 'availability' based schemes or hybrids between demand transfer models and 'availability' based schemes is an essential next step if the use of PPP is to expand."

With International Finance Institutions becoming more active in supporting public-private partnership (PPP) projects across the Gulf Region, the opportunities for, and success of, PPPs within the GCC are changing.

PPPs within the GCC could also be coming under the impact of regulatory changes, whilst the focus and engagement of governments could become constrained due to both PPP and external economic factors.

Trevor Butcher, Head of Finance and Projects, Middle East and Maher Ghanma, Head of Government Affairs, Middle East, provided OxGaps with an insight and overview of the developments of Project Financing within the GCC.

Read the full interview here, reprinted with permission from OxGaps Gulf Affairs.

First published in Gulf Affairs: Finance in the GCC: Policy & Developments, Summer 2019.

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