Don't miss NHS Resolution's latest report: The Early Notification Scheme progress report: collaboration and improved experience for families which was published yesterday.

Following an overview of 100 cases reported in the first year the report provides an insight into the key themes and clinical learning as well as 6 recommendations to further improve maternity services, incident reporting and investigation and enhance safety.

As well as fetal monitoring new and emerging clinical themes are highlighted including impacted fetal head during caesarean section, maternal deterioration in labour, hyponatraemia and neonatal resuscitation.

So far the Scheme has provided unprecedented reductions in the time taken from incident to investigation in cases relating to cerebral palsy and brain injury, resulting in early resolution and much needed support and answers for families as well as for the clinical staff involved.

The report confirms NHS Resolution's commitment to working collaboratively across the system to reduce the burden of incident reporting on trusts and to support the development of a single-entry portal.

For advice and guidance on how to implement the report's recommendations please don't hesitate to contact a member of our expert team of healthcare lawyers at DAC Beachcroft.

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