Welcome to the fifth edition of In-Short. In this issue we look at what Singapore offers global trading organisations. We consider the recently implemented Market Abuse Regulations, and what the recent operation of the Tanzanian Mercantile Exchange in Dar es Salaam will mean for future foreign investment in the region. We also discuss trends in trade finance. Click here to view the full newsletter, or click on any one of the articles below.

Click here to view our fifth edition, or click on any one of the articles below.

Singapore: a leading commodities trading hub

Located in the centre of South East Asia, Singapore has established itself as a leading global commodities hub. What does Singapore offer global trading organisations? Read More.

How Market Abuse Regulation will impact commodity markets

The Market Abuse Regulation, significantly widens the regulatory reach of national and EU authorities in relation to commodities markets. We consider where the legislation now stands. Read More.

The new reality for global trade

Three months on from the decision to leave the EU and there is still much uncertainty about the impact of Brexit. We discuss which strategy global businesses see as a priority. Read More.

A new dawn for commodity trading in Africa

The Tanzanian Mercantile Exchange will soon begin operating in Dar es Salaam. We take a look at the effect this could have on the Tanzanian economy. Read More.

International Trade & Commodities Newsletter: In-Short V5

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