Climate change, pollution and contamination are nothing new, there have been cycles of climate change throughout the centuries, solar and volcanic activity has always affected the climate and not always for the good, and for centuries rubbish was thrown in rivers and waterways.  The difference now is that the rate human beings are helping it along.  The acceleration of the damage is now far more detrimental to the planet and the people and creatures that inhabit it. 

The health of thousands of people is compromised by pollution to such a degree that they cannot function as they should and become disabled by the air that they breathe.  Many thousands of deaths each year are caused by pollution.  The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 4.2 million deaths globally are attributable to ambient air pollution.  The present levels of pollution are likely to cause a higher proportion of deaths in the UK over the next ten years as Britain's ageing baby-boom generation reach their eighties.

The British government subscribes to measures that are aimed a reducing the effects of pollution but frequently the measures taken amount to "too little too late" also some policies seem to be poorly thought out with no national cohesion nor is there sufficient money provided to ensure that the objectives can be met.  The emissions policy on Britain's roads is not proving to be a success and the contamination levels around schools seems to be a problem with no solution short of banning cars in the surrounding streets.

There is a spontaneous movement worldwide driven by ordinary members of the public arising in a number of countries to pursue their government through the courts and hold it accountable for lax policies resulting in unacceptable levels of pollution.   There are lawsuits in Germany, Norway, Ireland and the US, amongst others, and the likelihood of success is high as many governments do not adhere to their own rhetoric and show a mark reluctance to walk the talk, particularly as far as enforcing environmental regulation on lucrative industry sectors.

Giambrone has monitored the legal position of the British government having been made aware of individuals and environmental groups who take the quality of their surroundings seriously and seek reassurance that they will not face a future where the air we breathe brings death and disability. Phasing out fossil fuels is now an urgent issue which requires a comprehensive enforceable plan with an assurance that it will be robustly implemented.

 Our climate change and environmental practice group may consider legal action with regard to the government to force legislation to address the polluting industries with the objective of compelling such industries to amend their practices for the purposes of protecting irreplaceable habitats and vulnerable species, as well as to secure a brighter and greener future and a guarantee for the fundamental right to "a climate system capable of sustaining human life" not damaging it.

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