Regulation on CE Mark ("Regulation") was published in Official Gazette numbered 31493, dated 27 May 2021. 

Notable provisions of the Regulation include:

  • Manufacturers and their authorized representatives are obligated to put the CE mark on conforming products.
  • Importers are obligated to confirm that (i) conforming products bear the CE mark, (ii) manufacturers have fulfilled all of their obligations with respect to their conforming products, and (iii) conforming products are accompanied by all required documentation of conformity.
  • Importers are obligated to retain a copy, in Turkish, of EU declarations of conformity for a period ten (10) years, which period commences on the date that a product is introduced into the Turkish market.
  • Prior to introducing conforming products into the Turkish market distributors are obligated to verify that the products bear the CE mark and are accompanied by all required documentation of conformity.
  • Importers and distributors introducing conforming products into the Turkish market under their own names or trademarks, rather than the manufacturer's, or, prior to market introduction, through alteration render conforming product(s) noncompliant with the technical regulations or general product safety legislation published, from time to time, by the Ministry of Trade, will be treated as manufacturers with respect to those products and required to fulfill the obligations of a manufacturer under the Regulation.
  • Unless otherwise provided by a superseding regulation, a CE mark shall be at least 5 mm in size.
  • The CE mark must be affixed to a conforming product or to its information plate, provided, however, that where such affixing is impracticable due to the nature of the product, or where permanent affixing cannot be reasonably guaranteed, then, in such cases, the CE mark must be affixed to product packaging or accompanying documentation of conformity, as specified by applicable technical regulation, in a visible, legible, and indelible manner.

Please see this link for the full text of the Regulation. (Only available in Turkish)

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