Personal Data Protection Code ("Code") is published in the Official Gazette dated April 7, 2016 and No. 29677.

Purposes of the Code are, protection on individuals' fundamental rights and freedoms, especially the right of privacy regarding process of the personal data and regulation of the liabilities of natural or legal persons which processes personal data, procedures and principles of the processors. The Code shall apply to natural persons whose data is processed and natural or legal persons which process personal data wholly or partly by automatic means, or by any means other than automatic processing but as a part of a data filing system. 

Article 8 (Transfer of personal data), Article 9 (Transfer of personal data to foreign countries), Article 11 (Rights of recipient), Article 13 (Application to controller), Article 15 ( Procedure and principles of inspection upon complaint or ex oficcio inspection), Article 16 (Registry of controllers), Article 17 (Crimes) and Article 18 (Misdemeanors) shall enter into force six months after the publication of the Code but the remaining provisions shall enter into effect immediately as of the publication date. Please click here for access to the full text of the Code.

Originally published on the 7th April 2016

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