In our previous article titled Contribution of Independent Status To E-Sports; Turkish Esports Federation ("TESFED"), which operates under the Ministry of Youth and Sports, General Directorate of Sports Services ("GDSS") in terms of legal status, we mentioned about the importance and necessity of having an independent status for its activities to take more efficient, effective and independent decisions that can keep up with the development of esports in administrative and financial matters. You can access this article from the link below. For this reason, we would like to state that we are happy and excited that TESFED has achieved the Main Status that it needs with the Main Status published in the Official Gazette dated 18.11.2022 and numbered 32017.

The internal structure of TESFED within the scope of the Main Statute published in the Official Gazette on 18.11.2022, the Law on Sports Clubs and Sports Federations numbered 7405 and the Regulation on the Working Procedures and Principles of Independent Sports Federations published in the Official Gazette dated 19/7/2012 and numbered 28358, the federation and the duties and authorities of the boards and persons in the federation organization, the federation's budget and financial structure, the sports clubs and related organizations operating in the field of e-sports, and the procedures and principles regarding all activities carried out by the federation has been regulated.

The noteworthy regulations in this Main Status, which provides TESFED with the status of an independent structure are; sports clubs operating in sports branches affiliated to TESFED and other sports clubs, sports branches and sports joint stock companies will be affiliated to TESFED in matters falling within TESFED's field of duty, and that if sports joint stock companies do not participate in the events they undertake to participate in for three consecutive years without permission or excuse, the registrations of these companies for the relevant sports branches shall be canceled by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

We believe that the increasing interest in esports, the increase in the number of athletes with esports licenses, the acceleration of the esports ecosystem which is growing day by day with the new technologies and the need for an independent federation structure for esports stakeholders to communicate with each other have contributed to the faster-than-expected completion of TESFED's independence process.

This growth in the esports ecosystem requires legal, financial and administrative decisions, as well as advertising and sponsorship relations which are the vital veins of esports, to be handled faster, more effectively and wider lens. We believe that the financial project supports, sponsorship and advertising agreements needed by esports, which is rapidly advancing in the accreditation process, pave the way for TESFED's independent status and brand value to reach wider masses and to be realized on a more solid ground as of November.

In addition, we think that TESFED becoming an independent and impartial federation will give confidence to the parties in terms of resolving disputes that may increase in line with the development of esports in legal terms, and it will also provide progress in the rapid preparation and enforcement of new legal regulations in order to protect the stakeholders in the ecosystem.

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