The Regulation on the Information Systems of the Banks and Electronical Banking Services ("Regulation") is published in the Official Gazette dated 15 March 2020 and numbered 31069. Regulation will enter into force on 1 July 2020. 

The purpose of this Regulation is to regulate the management of the information systems used by the banks in the performance of their activities, the minimum procedures and principles to be established in the performance of electronic banking services and in the management of the associated risks along with the information systems controls that should be established.  

The committees authorized for the governance of the information systems and their duties and responsibilities are regulated with the aforementioned Regulation. Regulations regarding the safety of the information systems are further adopted. 

The banks are required to transfer to their customers all sorts of information incorporating sensitive data or secret through the channels via which electronic banking services are provided. Information portfolio inventory is obliged to be prepared.  

It is further regulated that the banks cannot share or transmit respective customer secrets to any third party located in Turkey or abroad. 

Finally, among others, the Banking Regulatory and Supervisory Agency is authorized to determine the exceptions for the institutions that would fall into the scope of the adopted regulations (i.e., committees to be established, units and responsibilities). 

Additionally, the Communiqué on the Established Principles on the Management of the Information Systems on the Banks published on the Official Gazette dated 14 September 2007 and numbered 26643 is abrogated with the Communiqué on the Abrogation of the Communiqué on the Established Principles on the Management of the Information Systems on the Banks published in the Official Gazette dated 15 March 2020 and numbered 31069, which will enter into force on 1 July 2020.  

The full text of the Regulation is here.

The full text of the Communiqué is here

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