Turkey has shown strong growth in the renewable energy market over the last decade and wind energy has been the main driving force of this growth. The level of market maturity that the wind sector has reached, allowed the Turkish government to mount a successful first round of wind energy tender last August, with applications coming from some of the biggest global wind energy players

Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources has announced that the second Renewable Energy Resource Fields known as YEKA competition (tender) to be held in 2019. The exact date of the competition has not been shared but the upcoming second tender (YEKA RES-2) will again be 1.000 MWe, however, unlike the first one, this one is divided into 4 in order to allow 4 different competitions in 4 different cities; Balıkesir, Çanakkale, Aydın and Muğla each for 250MWe and consequently there will be 4 winning company or consortium at the end which will create a more diverse and competitive wind energy sector.

The application deadline for the competitions is March 7th, 2019.

After the evaluation of the applications to the General Directorate of Energy Affairs, the General Directorate will announce the competition schedule.

The competitors interested in participating to the tender can purchase the tender specifications kit for TL-5,000 from the General Directorate of Energy Affairs. There is a guarantee letter requirement of USD-2,500,000 convertible into cash fully or partially valid for 1 year for the interested parties to fulfill. The winning party should also submit a guarantee letter of USD-12,500,000 convertible into cash fully or partially valid for 10 years.

The ceiling price for the tender is USD/cent 5.50/kWh. It is worth to note that the winning price at first tender which took place in last August was USD/cent 3.48/kWh. The purchase guarantee will be 15 years as of the signing of YEKA Usufruct Agreements.

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