Per the letter announced on 18.03.2019; The issues regulated by SSI regarding missing day documents of foreign nationals, as follows:

Art. 102(13) of the Social Security Transactions Regulation drafts missing days documents, including:

  • Report that shows sick leave taken from authorized health institutions or company doctors,
  • Documents regarding custody and detention,
  • Strike, lockout, events that affects life in general, letter sample that is from official authorities regarding the termination of activity or sustaining activity in workplace,

That prove the reasons of missing working or missing payment reasons along with the documents that prove missing working or missing salary payment in case of situations listed in Art. 74 of the Labor Law come up, shall be accepted by the SSI; and monthly premium and service document along with withholding and premium service declarations are not demanded.

In addition to the above; Social Security Institution has announced that for the foreign employees working part-time, a new reason of absence has been added to the SSI portal names as "26 – Foreign employee permissible for part-time works"

Accordingly, the above reason should be selected for the declarations of foreign employees who are permissible for part time works per their own legislation.

Please find our previously published announcement for the letter dated 18.03.2019 on the link below for the detailed info;

Amendments Applied to The Missing Day Causes

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