ISM Clearing Co. Ltd. offers the investor the advantages of accessing funds residing offshore through the credit card facility, while maintaining confidentiality of ownership. The process is simple when establishing an account with MSI. The investors money is placed in either a fixed deposit or in a mutual fund offshore to accommodate the credit card facility. The investor maintains immediate access to his funds from anywhere in the world, while enjoying the benefits of investing through a tax-advantaged domicile. The advantages to holding such a credit card are clear:

  • It allows the individual to maintain confidentiality on credit card transactions. It provides access money for travel, goods and supplies, rental and shopping. There is also the option to use the credit card for identification purposes with or without the clients name imprinted.
  • The investor may choose between two cards - Axxess (MasterCard) or Barclaycard (Visa) - and may determine the credit limit, within the deposit limits established by the card issuer.
  • The billing and clearing functions remain offshore.
  • Approval and card issuance can be completed within 48 hours or two working days.
  • Through ISM Clearing Co. Ltd. investors can make their money work for them and have access to it at all times, while enjoying all of the benefits of confidentiality and offshore investment.

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