"Inventa IP Review" is an annual compilation with the main Intellectual Property (IP) topics that occurred in the previous year.

In this first edition, we cover 2020, an unusual year in which the COVID-19 pandemic created an unprecedented disruption in global development. But in some way, this year also allows us to be more resilient.

The path of Intellectual Property was no different. In less than a year, the world was able to create a vaccine to control the Covid-19 pandemic, and with this discovery, new IP-related issues emerged, in particular IP rights.

At the beginning of 2020, the green economy appears to be the best alternative to the current dominant economic model, indispensable to achieving sustainable development, especially in developing economies. And even if the planet has not reached its goal, it was not a forgotten subject by many.

Regarding the African continent, we continue to see many misconceptions. It can be confusing to some businesses, especially for companies and IP owners that are mainly used to protecting and enforcing their intellectual assets in other regions of the world. But lack of information and knowledge can easily lead to false understandings.

Inventa International presents a sum of all 2020 articles and relevant announcements, mainly in Africa, Europe and Asia.

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