Welcome to the 20th issue of ENS' TMT ENSight, focusing on topics, news and analysis of novel and interesting developments in the technology, media and telecommunications space. In this edition:

  • Our featured articles take a look at POPIA do's and don'ts for schools, educators and staff, and we explore the risks and rewards associated with ICT product resellers.
  • In the news, a curation of topical events in the technology and telecommunications industry.

featured articles

  • Back to School: POPIA Do's and Don'ts
    • Ridwaan Boda, Kayla Casillo and Alexander Powell discuss the importance of understanding how POPIA applies to schools, educators and staff.
    • Read the article here.
  • Navigating the risks and rewards of engaging with ICT product resellers
    • Priyanka Naidoo takes a look at how engaging with ICT product resellers offers some rewards but also requires careful vetting, transparent negotiation, and an understanding of relevant OEM terms.
    • Read the article here.

in the news

  • Google Cloud ready for customer use
    • Google Cloud has announced that its Johannesburg cloud region in South Africa is ready for customer use.
    • Google Cloud hopes that the region in Johannesburg would accelerate the African tech ecosystem, providing organisations with the resources they needed to scale, innovate, and compete in the global marketplace.
    • The Johannesburg region is Google Cloud's first region on the African continent.
    • The Johannesburg region is connected to Google's secure network, comprising a system of high-capacity fibre optic cables, including the recently completed Equiano subsea cable system.
    • The launch of the product in the region will allow businesses of all sizes across the continent to have access to high-performance, secure and low-latency cloud services.
    • The addition of the Johannesburg region will result in the Google Cloud services being available in over 200 countries and territories across the globe.
    • Read more about the Google Cloud Johannesburg region here
  • New virtual token for Ubuntuland to be launched soon
    • Africarare is preparing to debut its virtual token, which will be referred to as the $Ubuntu Token. The $Ubuntu Token will be officially launched on 29 February 2024.
    • The $Ubuntu Token will serve as a medium of exchange for businesses and consumers within Ubuntuland.
    • Ubuntuland is the first metaverse in Africa, and was launched in 2022.
    • Since its launch, Ubuntuland has gained many individual and corporate landowners, who have bought virtual land in the metaverse, with the intention to offer their products and services on the platform.
    • The token will allow metaverse visitors to access entertainment, education, and art, by enabling participation in various interactive experiences.
    • Read more about the launch of the $Ubuntu Token here.
  • African online safety platform launched in South Africa
    • On 7 February 2024, Impact Amplifier launched the African Online Safety Platform ("AOSP").
    • AOSP is a continent-wide project that is aimed at promoting African online safety on a systemic basis.
    • Impact Amplifier has noted that one of the challenges regarding online safety across the African continent include a lack of a central repository for education material related to the safety challenges that African users face, and AOSP intends to address that challenge.
    • The platform will also host an archive of research, educational content, funding opportunities, and ways to seek assistance if an online crime has occurred that will be available to users across the continent.
    • More about the platform can be accessed here.

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