2020 and 2021 have seen an unprecedented number of cyber-attacks on unsuspecting organisations of all sizes and in all business verticals.

In most cases, these attacks could have been prevented if only customers knew what was exposed to the hacking community!

It is to this end that SNG Grant Thornton would like to offer your organisation a "value" no obligation ransomware susceptibility index report on your company's digital footprint. 

We know the hackers use automated tools and techniques to exploit your organisation's potential weaknesses and we want to ensure you are prepared, with zero blind spots!

What you can expect from the report : 

  • Understand what company IP addresses are exposed to the internet ready for exploitation.
  • Which employee's credentials have been exposed to the dark web, enabling hackers to launch threat campaigns through obtaining usernames and passwords.
  • Email security visibility or exploitation concerns and software unpatched systems leaving organisations exposed.
  • Weak encryption standards not enabled on websites and financial implications the organisation could stand to lose should an attack be successful.
  • Compliance information enabling organisations to meet regulatory requirements and full remediation advice.
  • A phone call with an expert to walk you through your report ensuring you understand what to do next!

We believe we are the only organisation providing this "value "service ensuring we empower our customers and shift the power into the hands of the business owner vs that of the hacking community.

We know it's important to you, which makes us offer this quality service even more important to us.

Download the report

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