The recent unexpected publication of new official fees in Mozambique, effective from 26 February 2024, has taken local associates by surprise, with substantial increases.

Unexpected changes to Mozambique's official fees

New official fees in Mozambique are unexpectedly set to come into effect on 26 February 2024. The announcement of these changes was made through an unpublished Government Gazette, dated 29 December 2023, catching local industry stakeholders off guard. The lack of prior communication or disclosure to industry agents, has left local IP firms and businesses grappling with a sudden and substantial increase in costs, of up to 50%. Apart from the increase in costs, there is also growing confusion regarding the specific acts that are now subject to changes. Industry players are actively responding to this unforeseen change by facilitating a workable translation and meticulously examining the new tariffs. The absence of transparency in the communication of these changes raises concerns about the collaboration between regulatory authorities and industry stakeholders.

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