Employers of domestic workers must ensure that they pay their domestic workers not less than the prescribed minimum wage.

On 3 December 2018 the Minister of Labour issued a sectoral determination in the Government Gazette amending the minimum rates for the wages of domestic workers for the period commencing 3 December 2018.

According to the determination, from 3 December 2018, the minimum wage for domestic workers in Area A (which includes most urban areas, including the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality and other major municipalities), is as follows:

For those who work more than 27 hours a week :

Hourly rate – R13.69

Weekly rate – R616.03 (assumes 45 ordinary hours per week)

Monthly rate – R2669.24

For those who work 27 hours a week or less:

Hourly rate – R16.03

Weekly rate – R432.78 (assumes 27 ordinary hours per week)

Monthly rate – R1875.22

The increase in minimum wage rates prescribed by the determination is approximately 4,9% over those prescribed in December 2017. However no minimum increase on existing wage rates is prescribed.

Minimum Wage Timeline:

The new prescribed minimum wage for domestic workers is in effect from 3 December 2018 until the promulgation of the minimum wage provision contained in the National Minimum Wage Act, 2018. The minimum wage provisions are contained in Schedule 1 of the Act and, once promulgated will set the minimum wage for domestic workers at a rate of R15 per hour. This will result in a further increase in the minimum wage for domestic workers working more than 27 hours per week from R13.69 to R15.00 per hour. It will not authorise a decrease in the rate for domestic workers working 27 hours or less per week. There, the minimum rate will remain at R16.03.

The President is reported to have said that this rate of R15.00 per hour for domestic workers will come in to effect on 1 January 2019.

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