Protected geographical indications. Which products to select? This question was at the centre of a seminar held recently at the headquarters of OAPI. The meeting chaired by Mr. Denis Bohoussou, DG for OAPI, and led by Mr. Philippe Pedelahore technical assistant of the project in support of the establishment of Geographical Indications for the Member States of OAPI, reviewed the results of the identification and selection of agropastoral and artisanal products carried out in the OAPI area, which could be integrated into a protection approach as geographical indications.

Many products have already received consideration, such as:

  • Gari sohui flour and Agonlin oil from Benin.
  • Red cocoa and the Bafia pineapple, both from Cameroon.
  • Attiéké des Lagunes and Baoulé Pagnes from Côte d'Ivoire.
  • Friguiagbé's Pineapple from Guinea.

Once finalised, this selection work will mark the beginning of a process that, in the long run, could allow these products to be awarded the "protected geographical indications" label at OAPI.

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