Establishing NGOs and "non-profit" organizations in the fields of intellectual property in the Kingdom1

The first preparatory meeting with the Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property "Hamaya" (the first civil society whose establishment was approved by the supervisory unit of the Authority in the field of intellectual property) was held with the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property.

In the said meeting, the SAIP called on those interested in volunteering from the general public, private sector companies, community members and interested institutions and individuals to contribute to the establishment of "non-profit" civil societies in the fields of intellectual property, innovation and invention.

The goal of establishing such a community in intellectual property:

  1. To activate the third sector to provide support and assistance to the work of the authority.
  2. To encourage the protection of intellectual property rights
  3. To raise awareness of the importance of intellectual property to society.
  4. To support the growth of the non-profit sector in intellectual property, invention and innovation and enable the non-profit sector to provide sustainable social services, which contributes to encouraging the participation of community members in volunteering activities, enriching their experiences, creating an impact on their lives and environment, and providing them with practical skills that increase their ability to find suitable job opportunities.
  5. To contribute to strengthening the governmental role in educating the community about intellectual property and its importance in stimulating human creativity, in addition to its contribution to providing technical advice.



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