In an attempt to Saudise jobs in the Hospitality Sector, the Ministry of Labour and Social Development of Saudi Arabia has issued a decision to fill the management and specialist job opportunities with Saudi Nationals. Expected to come in force from 29th December 2019 onwards, 100% of the jobs related to reservation, purchase, marketing, and front desk in hotels that are three-star or higher and resorts, hotel suites and villas with a rating that is four-star or higher have to be filled by Saudi nationals.

The requirement of Saudisation has several exceptions and does not apply to positions such as bellboys, parking valets, drivers or doormen. For supervisors in the field of food and beverages, room service, event section and laundry, at least one Saudi employee must be present. Furthermore, 70% of the roles related to Sales Manager and Events and Conference Sales Manager must be filled by Saudi Nationals. With importance being given to Saudisation, such initiatives will further boost such efforts thereby ensuring it’s success.

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