Within the framework of the EEU Russia will create a unified register of pharmacologically active substances protected by a patent for an invention.

The introduction of the initiative is directed towards the development of the pharmaceutical industry in the countries of the Union, and will help to introduce innovative drugs to the EEU market. Ensuring access to the register for all interested parties will improve the drug registration system and facilitate the state procurement procedures. The register will discourage early market entry of generics to the detriment of the rights holder's interests. The register is seen as a tool for preventing patent infringement.

The Eurasian Register does not impede the conduct of scientific research, and does not hinder the arrangements necessary for the production of generics in order to start production immediately after the expiration of the patent. By analogy with the Unified Customs Register of Intellectual Property Objects of the EEU Member States, the mechanism will be applied only upon request of the right holder.

The register is expected to only recognize those patents that protect the individual chemical compounds. This will make it possible to exclude patents for the methods of production and any modifications of known chemical compounds.

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