On 30 June 2016, the President of the Russian Federation signed the Decree No. 314 "On the Introduction of Amendments to the Presidential Decree, dated 28 November 2015, No. 583 'On Measures to Ensure the National Security of the Russian Federation and Protection of Citizens of the Russian Federation from criminal and other illegal actions, and on the Application of Special Economic Measures against the Republic of Turkey", which abrogated the restrictions on the sale by tour operators and travel agents to Russian citizens of the tourism products that include a visit to the territory of the Republic of Turkey.

For the purposes of implementation of the Decree No. 314, the Government of the Russian Federation  adopted the Resolution No. 706 dated 22 July 2016 "On the Introduction of Amendments to the Resolution of the Russian Government No. 1296 dated 30 November 2015", which provides as well for lifting of certain restrictions on Russian-Turkish economic partnership.  

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