Within the framework of the law "On approval of the Urban Development Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan", there was adopted the Urban Development Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In particular, the Urban Development Code provides the following:

  • forms of public control in the field of urban development activities;
  • subjects of public control;
  • the procedure for discussing, making changes, as well as developing other overall plans for a population centre;
  • responsibilities of construction contractors.

In addition, the Code contains the procedure for conducting an examination of the rights and obligations of experts, the authority of expert organizations. In addition, now individuals are given the opportunity to construct simple facility. In particular, the design documentation of the following facilities is not subject for examination:

  • individual residential facilities up to 2 floors;
  • residential facilities with a height of no more than 12 m and (or) with a total area of no more than 500 m2;
  • small facilities of no more than 300 m3;
  • temporary and domestic facilities for seasonal works.

However, it is prohibited to build facilities in excess of the specified standards in terms of number of floors (storeys), heights and areas as well as it is prohibited to build residential facilities on the territories that are not intended for such facilities. In addition to the above, there is a prohibition on interference and modification by unauthorized persons of the approved design and estimate documentation.

Originally published 26 March 2021.

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