On April 25 of 2019, the National Agency of Partnerships for the Development of Economic Infrastructure – ANADIE – through the contracting website of the State of Guatecompras, launched the contest identified as NOG 10262253, in order to hire a consulting company to review the possibility to build a Subway for Guatemala City in the framework of the project for partnerships for the development of economic infrastructure: "Mass Transportation System of the East-West Hub of the Metropolitan Area of Guatemala".

The project consists of a subway system on the east and west axis of Guatemala City.

This public tender seeks to hire a consultant to prepare the pre-feasibility studies to develop a project under the scheme of design, financing, construction, operation, maintenance and transfer of a new public transportation in Guatemala, in order to subsequently have the structuring of the project.

The contracted company must submit a final report that summarizes the information generated by its consultancy and contain conclusions regarding the viability of the project, its restrictions, conditions, as well as recommendations for further analysis for subsequent phases in terms of studies.

Please find the requirements, terms of reference and other information to participate in the project in the following link.

The date and time of closing for the reception of observations is May 6, 2019 at 2:30 p.m. (local time in Guatemala).

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