Earlier this month, the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance hosted its annual global advertising law conference in London. The conference, "Global Advertising in an Age of Crisis and Change," featured panel discussions on a wide range of important advertising law topics. The conference was part of a several day-long celebration of GALA's 20th anniversary.

For those of you who were not able to make it to London for the conference, GALA has just released videos of the sessions on its YouTube channel. Here's the conference agenda, which includes links to the various sessions:

  • Keynote Address -- Guy Parker, Chief Executive of the UK's Advertising Standards Authority, in conversation with Brinsley Dresden (Lewis Silkin, UK).
  • Climate Change is a Global Crisis -- panel discussion with Jeffrey A. Greenbaum (Frankfurt Kurnit, USA), Daniel Haije (Hoogenraad + Haak, Netherlands), Kelly Harris (Harris + co., Canada), Guy Parker (Chief Executive, UK ASA), Mikael Segercranz (Roschier, Finland), and Juan Carlos Uribe (Triana Uribe + Michelsen, Colombia).
  • Strategies for Combatting Misleading Competitor Advertising -- panel discussion with Ariela Agosin (Albagli Zaliasnik, Chile), Jose Antonio Arochi (Arochi & Lindner, Mexico), Brinsley Dresden (Lewis Silkin, UK), Peter LeGuay (Thomson Geer, Australia), Soren Pietzcker (Heuking Kuhn Luer Wojtek, Germany), and Ignacio Temino (Jacobacci Abril Abogados).
  • Metaverse, Crypto, and NFTs -- panel discussion with Donata Cordone (Portolano Cavallo, Italy), Alan Hunt (Lewis Silkin, UK), Rolf Auf der Maur (Vischer, Switzerland), Valdir Rocha (Veirano Advogados, Brazil), and Hannah Taylor (Frankfurt Kurnit, USA).
  • The Obesity Crisis -- panel discussion with Allison Fitzpatrick (Davis + Gilbert, USA), Angus Forsyth (Angus Forsyth & Co., Hong Kong), Conor Griffin (Duncan Grehan & Partners Solicitors, Ireland), Hande Hancar (Gun + Partners, Turkey), Damaso Pardo (Bruchou, Argentina), and Asterios Syssilas (A&K Metaxopoulos and Partners, Greece).
  • Beer, Wine, and Spirits -- panel discussion with Michel Bejot (Bernard Hertz Bejot, Francee), Alex Kelham (Lewis Silkin, UK), Violetta Kunze (Djingov, Gouginski, Kyutchukov & Velichokov, Bulgaria), Jacek Myszko (SKS Legal Advisors, Poland), Nick O'Connell, Al Tamimi & Co. (UAE), and Uri Weinstok (BLP Abogados, Costa Rica).
  • Influencers and Social Media -- panel discussion with Erich Bachmann (Hesketh Henry, New Zealand), Dina Eldib (Eldib & Co., Egypt), Jo Farmer (Lewis Silkin, UK), Aniko Keller (Szecskay Law Firm, Hungary), and Melissa Steinman (Venable, USA).
  • How are Changing Attitudes to Diversity Being Reflected in Global Advertising? -- panel discussion with Lara Kayode (O. Kayode & Co., Nigeria), Paavana Kumar (Davis + Gilbert, USA), Virginie Liebermann (MOLITOR, Luxembourg), Geraint Lloyd-Taylor (Lewis Silkin, UK), Marcela Mancia (IDEAS IP, El Salvador), Brian Murphy (Frankfurt Kurnit, USA), and Jenny Pienaar (Adams & Adams, South Africa).

If you're interested in a closer look at the slides used during the presentation, they're available on GALA's website here.