James Scicluna, Managing Partner WH Partners and Ramona Azzopardi, Partner at WH Partners are speaking at the leading conference for legal professionals worldwide, the International Bar Association (IBA) Annual Meeting in Miami.

James Sciclunais speaking during the"Prosecuting illegal gambling in an international context: legal and enforcement challenges and remedies"session taking place on Tuesday 1 November (0930 - 1045) in Room 234, Level 2.

Without any unified international legislation with respect to what constitutes "legal gambling" the prosecution of such activities is a matter for each individual jurisdiction. The digitalisation of the offer, which enables these services to be provided in any jurisdiction, from any jurisdiction, has compounded the difficulties for national prosecutors in terms of prosecuting these activities. These issues are also paramount to legal operators, which can see their turnover greatly impacted by the offering of illegal gambling, and players who may be at risk of compromising their funds, their personal data and even of unknowingly collaborating with criminal organisations. However, some recent examples of a desire for more co-operation between national prosecutors and regulators may be one of the keys to a more efficient and successful prosecution. The session will also address the perspectives of prosecutors, regulators, operators and players.

Ramona Azzopardiis speaking during the"Roundtables discussions of global tax trends"session taking place on Wednesday 2 November (1430 - 1730) in Room 228 AB, Level 2. Ramona is Malta's National Reporter for the IBA (International Bar Associate) Taxes Committee.

The roundtables discussions cover topics of imminent importance often influenced by the submitted National Reports, by measures of legislation, the OECD or other international bodies, and aim at involving the audience in a particularly personal manner.

(IBA) Annual Conference is the leading conference for legal professionals worldwide to meet and share knowledge. It serves to advance the development of international law and its role in business and society to provide members with world-class professional development opportunities to enable them to deliver outstanding legal services.

Lawyers from over 130 jurisdictions and all parts of the legal profession are attending the conference, including lawyers in private practice, in-house counsel, human rights advocates, judges, bar leaders, regulators and government representatives.