FFF Legal, WH Partners and ARQ Group, three Malta-based professional services organisations have teamed up to launch Enterprise4Peace, a CSR initiative that supports civilians displaced by the war in Ukraine through employment opportunities, training and learning programmes and providing related support. We invite Malta-based companies to join and actively participate in this initiative.

The recent invasion of Ukraine by the Russian armed forces and the ongoing hostilities within the country have forced the migration of millions of innocent civilians of all ages, from the comfort of their homes and daily lives into the dark unknown. Human beings who, up until a few weeks ago, went about their ordinary lives and occupations just as the rest of us do every day, have suddenly turned into statistics of displaced persons fleeing the horrors of war in pursuit of the simple right to exist and live safely. People and their governments must come together to lend a helping hand to those in need and Malta, as part of the EU and the global community, must play its part and offer support to the refugees that might come to the Mediterranean island.

Working alongside established NGOs, Enterprise4Peace will ensure that:

  1. Malta will open its doors to refugees who escape the war in Ukraine and offer support, sustenance and accommodation;
  2. Incoming refugees will have access to employment opportunities in Malta, as well as training and learning programmes.

Enterprise4Peace is encouraging and inviting companies to commit to considering the employment of one or more refugees for salaries that are commensurate to their skillsets and experience. Those interested can contact us at e4p@whpartners.eu. We are available to meet with you over Teams or in person, to discuss your participation in this venture.

A website will be launched in the coming weeks that will gather useful information for the Ukrainian refugees coming to Malta, as well as employment opportunities in Malta and training and learning programmes.

Watch this space for updates on Enterprise4Peace and how you can get involved.