Giambrone & Partners' highly regarded criminal team has been instructed to defend the alleged suspect in connection with the murder of a businessman, in Manilla.  Giambrone & Partners has drawn together a legal team with substantial experience to assist the defendant in this matter.  The murder allegedly involved the question of money owed to the victim.  However, the case is far from clear cut and Vincenzo Senatore and his team are in the process of clarifying the position of our client.

Giambrone & Partners criminal defence team has broad experience with an extremely wide range of criminal matters and can provide legal services for defendants arrested across Europe and North Africa having successfully advised clients in this respect for over 15 years.  Our lawyers' extensive capacity in a range of jurisdictions coupled with their considerable language capability offers the best possible legal service under one roof.  As well as our strong legal capacity Giambrone & Partners is capable of rapidly drawing together a multi-jurisdictional legal team which can be crucial in a criminal matter.

Vincenzo Senatore,  a partner, who heads the cross-border criminal defence team together with Gabriele Giambrone, managing partner , commented "should you be in the position of having been arrested abroad it is of vital importance to obtain legal advice from English speaking lawyers with expertise in the jurisdiction in which you have been arrested, at the earliest possible moment." He further commented, "there are considerable differences in the way that a criminal case is conducted across different jurisdictions, including time-limited applications which, if missed, could have a major impact on a case."

Few people travel abroad with the expectation of being involved in a crime and experience subsequent arrest in a foreign country.  Such an experience is undoubtedly extremely disturbing and typically an individual faces a language barrier, isolation, unfamiliar procedures and court appearance, frequently without any idea of their actual rights when arrested in a foreign country.  Giambrone & Partners' criminal team specialise in cross-border defence and have been instrumental in defending a number of individuals involved in criminal proceedings across a range of offences from murder to minor matters.  Including one case, at the other end of the scale, that took place on a flight to Italy; the offence was a lesser sexual assault of a female steward, in that a British man, who was drunk, slapped the bottom of the steward and was observed by her colleague. He then compounded the offence by trying to blame his friend.  Unbeknown to the offender, in Italy, sexual assault of any description, if proved, carries a mandatory prison sentence.  However, the whole case hinges on jurisdiction, therefore the case is taken forward by the country over which the aeroplane is flying at the time of the offence.  Vincenzo Senatore is extensively qualified in a number of jurisdictions and is well-placed to unravel the jurisdictional complications arising from this matter.

Our lawyers are also dealing with another unusual criminal case where the perpetrators of an attempted robbery of a car had the tables dramatically turned on them when there was a car crash in which they were both killed.  Giambrone & Partners' scope and flexibility when dealing with criminal defence enable the firm to manage cases that have complex legal elements, our lawyers enjoy a well-deserved reputation of success when advising our clients.