Khaitan & Co celebrates 110 glorious years today marking the firm's uninterrupted commitment to deliver excellence to its clients.

Mumbai – 11.11.2021

The history of Khaitan & Co is one of imagination, determination, hard work, camaraderie and foremost, an undying commitment to excellence in our client service – values we strive to live by every day.

The long and storied journey of our Firm from 1911 till date, has been one of vision, grit, determination, shaping opinions and above all sustaining a culture of stability, camaraderie and, an unwavering commitment to excellence in serving our clients – values we strive to live by every moment of every day.

We began our journey with our very first office in Kolkata in 1911 with a small team of 4 members and are now a strong institution of over a 1000 members, more than 180 Partners and Directors with offices also in New Delhi (1970), Bengaluru (1994), Mumbai (2001), Chennai (2021) as well as in Singapore (2021).

Reminiscing on the journey so far, Senior Partner, Haigreve Khaitan, Khaitan & Co said, "From the time the firm was set up, we have stayed focused on our clients' needs and aspirations. We have grown alongside our clients and invested in building institutional relationships that span generations in some case. We believe in keeping our ears to the ground, coming up with innovative solutions to new age challenges that Indian businesses are facing. Over the decades, we have played an integral role in several momentous cases and landmark decisions and have advised on the most complex transactional matters across markets and have seen the world transform into a very different place."

"As we celebrate this great milestone, we also remember and pay homage to those that came before us and who worked tirelessly and sacrificed so much. To paraphrase Isaac Newton, if we are able to see further today, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants," added Haigreve Khaitan.