Lewis Brisbois' Legal Malpractice Defense Department has published the 8th edition of its California Legal Malpractice & Malicious Prosecution Liability handbook. This helpful and detailed guide, written by Los Angeles Partners Kenneth C. Feldman and David D. Samani, is only available by special order and is broken down into three primary sections.

The first section looks at actions against attorneys brought by former clients. The second section discusses theories of liability in actions filed by non-clients. The final section, titled "Attorneys and the Practice of Law," reviews several topics of import pertaining to attorneys practicing law in the Golden State. Hundreds of cases and statutes are discussed in the handbook's 237 pages.

To order your copy of this handbook, please email Mr. Feldman directly at Ken.Feldman@lewisbrisbois.com.

Mr. Feldman is the national co-chair of the firm's Legal Malpractice Defense Department and is a certified specialist in legal malpractice law by the California State Bar. He was the chair of the California State Bar Legal Malpractice Law Advisory Commission from 2018-2019, and is the co-chair of the lawyer defense committee of the Association of Southern California Defense Counsel. His practice focuses almost exclusively on the representation of attorneys. 

Mr. Samani is a member of the firm's Professional Liability Practice and Legal Malpractice Defense Department. He has extensive experience in defending attorneys against claims of legal malpractice, malicious prosecution, and other third-party claims. He has also defended a variety of professionals, including insurance brokers, engineers, real estate brokers, accountants, and construction management companies against a range of civil claims.