We are proud of Dr Justine Scerri Herrera, Associate at Michael Kyprianou Advocates and Legal Consultants, and Partner at MK Fintech Partners in Malta, who is participating as a speaker at the Ukraine Business Forum today. Dr Scerri Herrera's presentation will be about "HOW AND WHY SHOULD ONE INVEST IN FINTECH CRYPTO & BLOCKCHAIN". She will be sharing her insights from a macro perspective in terms of the long-term socio-economic changes on human behaviours and expectations that the pandemic has caused. Dr Scerri Herrera will analyse how these effects are changing the ways of businesses worldwide and how in order to meet these consumer trends we are rapidly shifting to digital economies and more specifically to Interoperable digital economies.

She will also discuss the new reality which the pandemic has caused which led towards a deep realization about how we are all connected and how in order to remain connected we will need to move towards sustainable green choices (ESG investing).

You can register for the online forum by pressing on the link below: