Ganado Advocates has launched a new and contemporary brand identity. Unveiled in Malta and at our branch office in Luxembourg on the 24th August, our new branding reflects the consistent forward-looking approach we have always adopted over the years.

Whilst we take great pride in our rich history of professional achievements, we vaunt a modern approach in all our endeavours. Excellence, consistency and distinctiveness have been crucial elements at the heart of the firm's success for decades. The new brand design builds on these values and is another illustration of the firm's aspirations.

Seeking to reflect the firm's youthful spirit and our strong traditions, the new brand identity is inspirational and progressive in the legal circles locally. As first movers and leaders in many of the burgeoning sectors and legal practices in Malta, with a hand in legislative drafting and legal innovation, the firm has taken an equally bold step through its re-brand.

"Through this re-brand, we have enhanced our look, but our values, ethos and commitment to providing excellence and a specialist service to our clients remain unaltered," explains Managing Partner Louis Cassar Pullicino. "We have always remained true to our heritage and will continue doing so for many years to come."

Through this change, the firm has established a unified brand that brings together all of its practices and its affiliates under a single domain name – Our new website and the email addresses of all our lawyers, professionals and staff members now reflect this new domain name

Besides refreshing the Ganado Advocates brand, we have also refreshed the look for Ganado Services Limited and Ganado Trustees & Fiduciaries Limited (now Ganado Corporate and Ganado Fiduciaries respectively in terms of visual representation).

Originally published 22 August, 2020