DQ is proud to announce that our Regulatory and Compliance Team have once again been the authors of the Isle of Man chapter of the 2020 ICLG Data Protection Guide. The Isle of Man chapter can be accessed for free here

This go-to resource provides an overview of Data Protection within 39 jurisdictions across the globe. The publication offers practical guidance and comparison on key data protection issues such as privacy while also highlighting developing global trends. 

The Isle of Man chapter covers the principal data protection legislation on the Island, key principles and the territorial scope. Individual rights, the appointment of a data protection officer and restrictions on international data transfers are also discussed. 

Our Regulatory and Compliance Team has expertise in Data Protection across a variety of matters. For further information or advice, please contact Sinead O'Connor or Kathryn Sharman. Sinead holds the Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection from PDP.

Originally published August 7, 2020.