At Crowe MacKay we believe we are at our best when we support each other and work towards equal opportunity. On March 8, we celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, while calling to action the acceleration of women's equality.

In celebration of International Women's Day we empower all genders to share the message #EachforEqual, as we forge a gender equal world. This year we wanted to not only celebrate the women who've inspired us but also focus on why diversity in the workplace is critical to making smart decisions.

The following are the responses received from across our firm, recognizing and supporting the need for an equal world.

Why is gender diversity important in making smart decisions?


"When a group of people get together that have a diverse upbringing, gender, race you will get a diversity of opinion and thought, which leads to decisions and ideas that no one individual could come up with on their own."

Vickie Whitehead, Director, Indigenous Services, Vancouver

Change will never happen inside a silo - diversity, and especially gender diversity, ensures that different life experiences contribute to a decision, in ways that would never otherwise occur."

Jess Lenz, Senior Tax Accountant, Kelowna


"Gender diversity helps in smart decision making by challenging the status quo, offering new insight, and encouraging being open to new possibilities - all of which are essential for long-term success."

Alissa Sullivan, Senior Accountant, Yellowknife

"Smart decisions means considering all perspectives and effects. Gender diversity allows for viewpoints and opportunities that may not have been considered."

Rochelle Mitchell, Partner, Edmonton


"The clients we serve are diverse, to serve them well we need to be diverse. Diverse ideas come from diverse groups."

Candace Surette, Director of Quality, Kelowna

"Gender diversity helps to consider an issue from different perspectives and addresses it by considering the interests of all groups."

Zakar Hovhannisyan, Senior Manager, Yellowknife


"A gender diverse workplace not only offers more perspectives but it can also present new, innovative ideas, leading to smarter decision making."

Alexis Troup, Marketing Specialist, Edmonton

"Every individual brings a different perspective to problem solving, and the more perspectives present in a room the more problems that can be solved."

Kaleb Adam, Co-op Student, Kelowna


"Gender diversity, when promoted and encouraged, allows for a diversion from myopic thinking - we see a broader spectrum because we not only encourage women and non-binary folk to speak up, but we specifically make space free of repercussions to allow them to do so."

Courtney Leeming, Reception/Administrative Assistant, Sechelt

"A diverse workplace allows you to see issues from different perspectives."

Aaron Halladeen, Senior Manager, Kelowna

"Different and unique perspectives strengthen smart decisions by improving the problem solving process."

Jennifer Arnold, Director of Operations, Yellowknife


"Gender diversity allows us to consider a broader range of facts, backgrounds, inputs, and opinions when making decisions."

Gillian Lee, Managing Partner, Yellowknife

"Intelligence is not limited to one gender."

Mark Dickie, Senior Associate Professional Standards, Kelowna


"Diversity gives you a perspective from both genders. Women often go through different things in their life and their experiences will tend to give a different viewpoint then if only men are giving their advice to clients."

Alvin Singh, Senior Manager, Edmonton

"Different genders generally have a different point of view and, thus, gender diversity will enable offsetting weakness of opposite sex when making decisions."

Lawrence Tam, Senior Manager, Tax, Vancouver


"A better perspective is created when a workplace is more diverse, enabling smarter decision making."

Hugh Livingstone, Partner, Vancouver

"A diverse group can draw from a wide range of personal perspectives when approaching problems or making decisions, resulting in a greater likelihood of making decisions that will benefit an organization."

Joel McConnell, Accountant, Yellowknife


"Gender diversity brings different perspectives to the table, making for smarter decisions."

Nicole Kirubi, Senior Manager, Kelowna

"Greater diversity leads to smarter decisions due to a larger pool of ideas and experiences to pull from."

Austin Lockler, Help Desk Technician, Edmonton


"Gender diversity, done properly, can help everyone feel open and able to share ideas that will set us apart from our competition."

Fred Deschenes, Partner, Yellowknife

"A diverse workplace takes into account the opinions of each individual based on their values and knowledge they have learned through experiences specific to their gender."

Lisa Kennedy, Associate Partner, Sechelt


"A diverse workplace provides a balanced perspective."

Seraphina Kim, Director, Risk Advisory Services, Vancouver

"Diversity helps ensure that a broader range of viewpoints are being considered, which is important in making well-informed decisions."

Thys Hoeve, Staff Accountant, Yellowknife

Who is a woman that inspires you?


"I was inspired early on in my career by Line Robitaille, a friend, and former colleague. Her intelligence, drive, and achievements were a source of inspiration, but what really inspired me was how she encouraged, empowered, and enabled everyone around her to learn and grow. Line treated everyone equally, without judgment, and with a genuine concern for their well being, personally and professionally, all the while sharing her knowledge and experience."

Virginia Lackey, Partner, Yellowknife

"Ellen Green has inspired all the people who work around her. She is always willing to help regardless of the work given to her."

Peter Ufimzeff, Co-op Student, Kelowna


"My mother, Sharon McHugh, has inspired me by being a strong-willed, determined, family-oriented woman with a long career as a CFO in a male dominated industry."

Shauntelle Brunton, Articling Student, Kelowna

"Diane from Glow Leadership inspires me. I am taking her online leadership course and following her on Instagram. Her content and posts are consistent reminders that I can achieve anything."

Lisa Kennedy, Associate Partner, Sechelt


"Amongst many other women who have inspired me throughout my life, one that stands apart is Sheryl Sandburg. I was truly taken after reading my copy of 'Lean In.' Almost all of my career mantras are directly inspired by her experiences, whether it is to take charge of your own career and push forward with perseverance and determination, or recognizing your own self-doubts & internal conflicts to overcome them in the pursuit of success."

Nupur Rishi, Partner, Vancouver


"I am proud of the woman I've become and so much of that is attributed to my mom. She's instilled in me the values that have built my foundation: hard work, perseverance, to never underestimate the power of a simple act of kindness, and that there's nothing a bowl of vanilla ice cream can't solve."

Brittany Pitruniak, Marketing Manager, Edmonton

"My mother - She has worked tirelessly to make her children's lives feel like a constant vacation and is always going above and beyond to be inclusive and positive in both her work and personal life."

Julia Stoyles, Staff Accountant, Yellowknife


"Robin Middleton really just gets people, which is something that has inspired me. She's able to connect with them personally and professionally and she provides so much love and support across our firm that it makes her just a wonderful person to work with and call a friend. She's the reason behind Crowe MacKay's incredible CFE success rate and is helping our firm to start our new CPA's off with the best professional foundation they can get. She's all about relationships and at the end of the day, especially in human resources, it's relationship building that counts the most."

Maureen (Moe) Rynard, HR Administrator, Kelowna

"My mother taught me that hard work and education are the keys to success."

Mark Dickie, Senior Associate Professional Standards, Kelowna

"Judy Wilson Raybould is a woman who's inspired me as here level of personal integrity is noteworthy."

Hugh Livingstone, Partner, Vancouver


"Ashley Jensen (Crowe MacKay LLP Manager) and Maddie Cook (Crowe LLP Senior Manager) have both been wonderful role models and mentors to me. Their confidence and decision-making has always inspired me and helped me out whenever I felt stressed or time-constrained. Maddie has moved to work in Chicago, but Ashley continues to aid me in my career every day, and I will not forget the impact Maddie had on me early on in my career."

Fraser Armstrong, Supervisor, Calgary

"My partner, Hannah, inspires me. She's a boss in everything she does and is also wicked smart."

Ivan Driedger, Staff Accountant, Vancouver

"As a single parent, my mom faced challenges every day. Watching her try over and over again has inspired me to never give up."

Candace Surette, Director of Quality, Kelowna


"Regan Sommerfeld is a woman who's inspired me in my career. She was a calm, relaxed boss that provided great guidance and opportunities for self development, and was always there as a support."

Aaron Halladeen, Senior Manager, Kelowna

"My niece, Shauna Fidler, inspires me. She is my junior by 15 years but she has no fear. She was the owner of 2 businesses at the ripe age of 24, sold them both at 30, moved to the Slocan Valley in BC, and has since started several businesses and has raised the e-commerce in the Slocan Valley. By the way, she will soon be 40. She inspires me because she does not allow fear to get in her way. I, on the other hand, am a little conservative."

Judy Platt, Manager, Calgary

"My wife always inspires me throughout my life by simply saying that we can find a solution in every difficult situation."

Zakar Hovhannisyan, Senior Manager, Yellowknife


"Angela Bailey has inspired me from the moment I walked through the doors of the firm. She is an example of hard work, dedication, professionalism, kindness, and respect."

Lynn Wong, Partner, Kelowna

"Jacinda Ardern has inspired me to be a leader with authenticity and empathy."

Seraphina Kim, Director, Risk Advisory Services, Vancouver


"Angela Bailey, a Crowe MacKay partner in the Kelowna office, has inspired me as she always shows grace under pressure. She cares about her clients and the people she works with equally. Even when she may be under extreme work pressures, she is always kind, courteous, and even-keeled."

Rebecca Randall, Senior Manager, Kelowna

"My friend Lauri inspires me. No matter the ups and downs in her life, she always looks on the bright side but is not afraid to discuss the dark times. Being open and honest with her thoughts and feelings has inspired me to become more in tune with my own emotions and more willing to express my thoughts and needs."

Jennifer Smith, Accountant Assistant/Administration, Sunshine Coast


"My mom is who has inspired me most - in the early seventies she worked full time as a school teacher and fought to break stereotypes and encouraged young women to do the same."

Fred Deschenes, Partner, Yellowknife

"My mum. My father spent much of our younger years away for work which meant my mum, who worked a full time job, looked after four kids and volunteered her time to other causes/functions/sports, etc., all of this on a very tight budget."

Rohan Jacobs, Manager, Kelowna


"My mother has shown me that being hardworking and persistent does pay off."

Jen Mendes, Senior Manager, Kelowna

"Barb Stegemann is a lady with a powerful story that demonstrates what you can do when you are dedicated and passionate about something. This is something that has inspired me."

Gillian Lee, Managing Partner, Yellowknife