Florham Park, NJ (March 4, 2020) – National law firm Wilson Elser announced today that James Montano, formerly of McCullough Ginsberg Montano & Partners, has joined the firm's Florham Park office as a partner. After nearly 25 years of practice, Mr. Montano is regarded as a formidable trial attorney with an enviable record of achieving favorable outcomes in and out of court. He builds defenses on solid foundations, forgoes settlements when he knows a case is winnable and otherwise makes his clients "hard targets" for litigation.

Mr. Montano focuses his practice on toxic tort, mass tort and product liability, with an additional emphasis on environmental matters. He has represented multinational Fortune 500 companies in matters with multibillion-dollar potential liabilities as well as independent small business owners.

Drawing on an education in management and finance, Mr. Montano also assists clients with commercial and business litigation. He well understands the legal and business consequences of alternative litigation approaches and outcomes.

"Jim is an accomplished and innovative attorney who takes on the most challenging cases and invariably finds ways to win," said Carolyn O'Connor, regional managing partner of Wilson Elser's Florham Park, office. "He adds significantly to our environmental and toxic tort litigation capabilities."

Mr. Montano graduated cum laude with a B.S degree from the University of Connecticut (1993) and earned his J.D. degree at the Rutgers University School of Law (1996).