Billions of dollars are being spent on research and trials of autonomous vehicles globally. Tests are now taking place on Australian roads across a number of States and Territories.

The use of this technology is an exciting prospect for Australia, giving consumers the opportunity to experience first-hand how global research and trials play out on Australian roads and infrastructure.

But what does this mean for the legal landscape in Australia and how can you manage the opportunities and inherent risks?

This webinar covers:

  • Autonomous vehicles in Australia – Where are we and where are we going?
  • The regulatory framework – an update on National Transport Commission program of works and state of readiness for commercial deployment
  • A run through some of the IP issues associated with autonomous vehicles
  • Update on implications for privacy, surveillance and data collection and use
  • An industry perspective - an overview of the key issues facing organisations in Australia


  • Nick Abrahams
    Global Head of Technology and Innovation
  • Michael Sullivan
    Partner, Government
  • Kristen Hooke
    Special Counsel, Automotive industry specialist
  • Jackie O'Brien
    Partner, Intellectual Property
  • Peter Mulligan
    Partner, Commercial Technology and Data