Hi, friends

Well, my old rule against doing webinars is about to get broken. Given the intense interest in CCPA vs. TCPA cross-over issues, I have yielded to the pressure and agreed to do a one-time only webinar on the topic in conjunction with Contact Center Compliance and DNC.com. The webinar is scheduled for next Wednesday, November 20, 2019. And did I mention, IT IS TOTALLY FREE! Yikes.

You can sign up for the webinar here – http://bit.ly/etf-tcpasummit2019 (try not to break the website by rushing to sign up, folks.)

In other news, I continued my speaking blitz today – speaking three times in one week! – but as the Royal Knight reports, we still have a lot more fun in store as I make my way across the country so don't fret if you have missed the show so far. Definitely do try to make it out to St. Peter's for the big TCPA summit on December 10, 2019, however. That's a big one. A very big one.

Speaking of big – did you hear the one about the CEO who was added to a case and faces personal liability for helping his company comply with the TCPA? It is madness out there, folks, and you absolutely have to keep yourself informed and protected if you are involved with TCPA compliance these days. Plus the Sixth Circuit just reversed itself and held that a platform provider might face direct liability for calls made by its clientseven if there is no agency relationship. Yikes!

On the upside, the Eleventh Circuit refused to re-hear the big Salcedo ruling en banc – so a single text message is just not enough to cause actionable harm in the Eleventh Circuit. Groovy. Plus, a court found that marketing a free service is not actually marketing for TCPA purposes. I love it – careful with this one.

In other news – Unprecedented is back with a brand new and awesome episode with TCPA volume kingpin and pickle-maker Sergei Lemberg. You won't want to miss his insight and backstory. Plus, he tells us that he is going "all the way" with the Duguid case, which might mean a First Amendment ruling from the US Supreme Court on the TCPA. Wow!

Thanks, friends. Let's chat soon, ok!?