Here's a brief round-up of what's to come.

There will be two separate events on Friday, November 15. First up, Attorneys Ken Gray and Emily Massey will discuss professional responsibility in the #MeToo era with attendees of the Bernard Robinson & Company Symposium CPE in Greensboro. This interactive session will cover the ethical implications of harassment and discrimination and the importance of not just "checking the box" when it comes to educating employees on workplace policies that address all types of harassment. The CPE is a one-day conference that's part of a series of symposiums hosted by BRC for firm clients, invited guests, owners, CFOs, and controllers. For more information, including how to register, click here

Later that same day in Cary, attorneys Jerry Sayre and Devon Williams will be speaking at BDO's Annual CPE. Their presentation is an interactive discussion on preventing workplace harassment, and the best practices for dealing with harassment once a claim is made.

Lastly, on Tuesday, November 15, Ken and Emily will present at BRC's final Symposium CPE at the North Hill Club in Raleigh. This session is a repeat of their presentation from Greensboro. You can register for this event here