Crop Receipts are gaining popularity every day. Since a lot of questions regarding their use arise, we at EVRIS decided to hold a training seminar for our colleagues to answer most of them.

On 5 November we conducted a seminar "Crop Receipts in Ukraine: The first experience of use and enforcement proceedings" for members of the European Business Association Grain & Oilseed Committee. Yuliia Stusova, senior associate, and Yuriy Mosunov associate at EVRIS, were speakers at the event.

Yuliia started the topic by explaining what a crop receipt is and how it works. He also focused on the features of international crop receipts and shared the first practical experience of enforcement proceedings. Yulia told about current dispute resolution and enforcement practice.

We are glad to share our knowledge and are quite positive that interest to crop receipts will keep on growing. More is coming!