Zurich / Amsterdam, 1 November 2019 – Swiss FTS celebrates its 9th anniversary and is proud to announce partnership with Forcyd

On our 9th anniversary we are proudly announcing the partnership with Forcyd.

Understanding local culture is key to thrive globally. That is why we are intensifying our collaboration with our trusted partner Forcyd, to expand our reach to the Netherlands and the EU together. This will allow us to offer Swiss FTS's expertise in revolutionizing the way eDiscovery and technology assists complex matters and reviews to even more clients and introduce Forcyd's global review network and joint unique software developments.

"We are proud to join forces with Swiss FTS – combining our managed review capabilities, leading-edge technology and geographic reach with their unparalleled expertise in eDiscovery and forensic technology," said Bas Sluijsmans, Partner of Forcyd. "Together, we are elevating and redefining the legal technology experience for our clients to be more seamless and in line with their global presence and footprint."

"This is the next step getting expert services closer to our clients in the EU with a trusted partner," said Rogier Teo, Partner at Swiss FTS. "By collaborating with Forcyd, we are pairing Swiss FTS' eDiscovery technology expertise with Forcyd's innovative offering. With the growing number of clients requiring assistance in regulatory related matters, this collaboration will introduce them to an extended reach and more flexibility in their most pressing matters."

This is another stepping-stone in Swiss FTS' continuous global expansion and we are looking forward to intensifying the work with both our current and new clients.

Swiss FTS and Forcyd together will serve their clients globally with offices in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Singapore with local staff and fully self-maintained local infrastructure.

Find out more about Forcyd here