"Giving to charitable organisations is a fundamental part of Ogier's culture. That's why our CSR programme encourages our people to get involved in several ways," says Ogier practice partner Marcus Leese. "Our support includes a fund raising kickstarter as well as paid time out of the office to help a charity project of their choice."

Anyone who has started preparing for a charity event with a blank sponsorship form will know how motivating it is to get the first few pledges signed up and how, depending on the challenge, knowing there's money at stake can be the key to pushing through physical and psychological barriers to achieve their goal. In addition, Ogier employees are able to share their time with charities or community groups as part of the firm's volunteering programme.

Marcus added: "Successful volunteering programmes bring benefits to both the individuals involved and the organisations they are sharing their time with. The charities or community groups gain access to skills, advice, expertise and additional hands on deck, while our people have an opportunity to give something back but in a way that provides a real understanding of what their chosen charity actually does. We're proud to be involved and to assist."

Some of Ogier's Guernsey team who have recently taken part in charity events with the firm's support share their experience

James Dickinson, Legal Assistant

Participating in the man-powered flight at the Harbour Carnival was a great opportunity to enjoy spending time with my colleagues outside of work while also having fun raising money for a number of charities that are doing fantastic work for the Island.

Vanessa Harvey, HR Manager

The Guernsey Alzheimer's Association is a charity close to my heart. Ogier's personal endeavour programme meant that I could add £100 to my sponsorship form for the Tower to Tower walk, which was a great incentive to register and take part.

Alice Bricogne, Senior Associate

I travel to Bosnia several times a year to volunteer at Gladno Polje Dog Shelter where 100 adorable dogs live outdoors in extremely harsh conditions. The shelter is in desperate need of help, so running a marathon to raise funds for it with Ogier's support was a wonderfully rewarding experience.

Male Uprising Guernsey

Ogier's Guernsey team are also enthusiastic supporters of Male Uprising Guernsey (MUG). With skin cancer rates significantly higher in the Channel Islands compared with the UK, MUG is determined to raise awareness and increase sun cream protection around the island - starting with children.

The charity continues to raise funds to pay for suncream dispensers in Guernsey schools. The initiative is about educating the next generation about the risk of sun exposure, which fits perfectly with Ogier's educational CSR theme.

Ogier supporters of MUG's annual Bermuda Shorts week included, Advocate Gavin Ferguson, one of the founders and current guardian of MUG and Henry Simpson, who is a charity ambassador.

Gavin said: "MUG do tremendous work in the community raising awareness of cancer and I'm so pleased that Ogier got firmly behind this initiative. Educating the next generation now will ensure a healthier future for Guernsey."

Henry added: "Ogier has been a huge support to the charity throughout 2019, including sponsoring themed socks for Bermuda Shorts week, providing volunteer stewards for the MUG and Mind world record attempt at the Harbour Carnival, and multiple donations as part of our corporate social responsibility allowance that each member of staff is given to support a charity of their choice annually."