Unusual trade marks have long been championed by marketeers to give brands an 'edge'.  But how easy is it to get all important registered trade mark protection for non-traditional marks?

The trend of using influencers to promote brands shows no signs of slowing down.  We look at how to ensure full compliance  with the relevant guidance, to avoid the pitfalls of this valuable marketing tool.

What use is genuine use of a trade mark?  Even well-known brands need to meet the criteria to avoid having registered rights revoked, as McDonald's discovered to their embarrassment in the much talked about case of BIG MAC.

As the courts start to take into account the more savvy shopper when assessing trade mark infringement, could copyright provide additional firepower to a brand owner's arsenal?

AI is changing the way we do business.  We take a look at how this leap in technology could affect trade mark law.

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