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July 25, 2019
Log on: 12.15pm
Start: 12.30pm
Finish: 1.30pm
Online T - +61 7 3231 2400
$110 incl. GST

Once over the threshold, employers generally have to pay payroll tax on wages they pay. However, wages are not only salaries that are paid to employees.

Entities other than employers may also be liable for unpaid payroll tax.

The risk we often see is employers or their advisers missing or misapplying the various provisions in the payroll tax legislation that:

  • deem amounts to be wages
  • group passive investment entities with employers, making them jointly and severally liable for any unpaid payroll tax liabilities.

This can often cause catastrophic consequences for businesses where a payroll tax shortfall occurs over a period of five years.

In this webinar, we will work through case studies to help you identify:

  • the types of wages for that may be liable for payroll tax
  • employment agency arrangements
  • when the payroll tax grouping provisions apply and how they operate
  • strategies for excluding members of a payroll tax group – particularly passive asset holding entities.

The webinar will be recorded, so, if you are unable to attend at the advertised time, we will send you the live recording for future viewing.