On Friday, May 10th, members of Cox & Palmer's Regional Employment & Labour group, as well as special guest Leslie Macleod, founder of the conflict resolution services firm Leslie H. Macleod & Associates, presented a webinar titled, "Workplace Investigations: Navigating Respectful Workplace Policies." This webinar provided an overview of respectful workplace policy investigations and how to ensure that your organization is prepared and in compliance, in the event of harassment allegations.

Moderated by Michelle Willette, chair of Cox & Palmer's Regional Employment & Labour group, the webinar covers:

  • Respectful workplace policies and legislation
  • When to hold an investigation
  • Elements of a proper investigation
  • Pitfalls of failure to investigate or an investigation gone wrong
  • Legislative changes and case law

To listen to the full webinar and download the materials, please visit the link below at your convenience.
Webinar – Workplace Investigations: Navigating Respectful Workplace Policies