August, 20th, 2019

Patents and trade secrets are to a large extent mutually exclusive. Wise business executives need to strategize as to which form they choose to protect their intellectual property. To maximize intellectual property coverage, it is frequently desirable to patent certain aspects of a technology, while retaining trade secret status for other aspects. Yet, the coordination and integration of patent and trade secret rights must be done very carefully to ensure one form of protection does not destroy the other.

A panel of IP experts will not only explore recent developments and legal underpinnings relevant to the selection and integration of patent and trade secret rights, but also provide tips and tactics for coordinating patent and trade secret strategies to maximize protection and value. They will also cover the risks associated with overlapping patent and trade secret rights and highlight potential pitfalls you need to consider in your day-to-day practice.


  • Sharae' Williams - Dickinson Wright PLLC


  • R. Mark Halligan - FisherBroyles
  • Klaus Hamm - Klarquist
  • Pejman Sharifi - Winston Strawn LLP

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