VANCOUVER , BC. June 4, 2019 - MLT Aikins LLP, Western Canada's Law Firm, is pleased to announce the launch of its Outdoor/Adventure industry group, the only practice area in Canada providing a full suite of legal services tailored to businesses in the Outdoor/Adventure industry.

Western Canada is home to an avid community of adventurers, many of whom are lawyers at MLT Aikins. This made the decision to launch its new practice area an easy one. From large corporate retailers to small startups, the team at MLT Aikins helps businesses achieve their goals, taking their businesses to the next level.

This practice area is a combination of years of legal expertise and MLT Aikins' passion for the outdoors. Not only is this a team of lawyers, they're also Search and Rescue Team Leaders, mountaineers, climbers, downhill and backcountry skiers, snowboarders, cyclists and former professional, semi-professional and varsity athletes. Their personal passion for the industry and inherent understanding of the impact outdoor/adventure activities can have on a community, both economically and socially, is what makes this practice area truly one of a kind.

Outdoor/adventure is senior counsel Ryan Morasiewicz's passion outside the office. A Ground Search Team Leader with North Shore Rescue, Ryan is a committed volunteer for what has been called the busiest volunteer mountain search and rescue team in Canada.

"This new practice area is an intersection between our personal interests outside of the law and the businesses we want to support," Ryan says. "We are excited as a firm to not only represent companies we are passionate about, but to help them achieve their goals and set them up for continued success."

MLT Aikins' Outdoor/Adventure group will serve a wide range of clients, from ski resorts to retailers and distributors of outdoor gear, as well as rafting and hiking tour operators, to name a few.

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