On April 3, 2019, Paradise Silicon Valley Asset Management Group Co., Ltd. ("Paradise Silicon Valley") issued innovation and entrepreneurship corporate bonds. With a total par value of up to RMB 300 million, the bonds are issued in tranches and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The first tranche of the bonds was RMB 50 million, with a coupon rate of 7.5%.

After 18 years of practice and exploration, Paradise Silicon Valley Asset Management Group – founded on November 11, 2000 – has evolved into a leading privately-owned asset management group in China and the largest asset management company in Zhejiang Province. It is a well-known trade name in Zhejiang Province, it has been awarded such titles as China's top 10 private equity investment institutions, China's top 10 most innovative comprehensive fund management institutions, and China's top 3 industrial investment institutions. As one of the first 50 private fund managers in China, Paradise Silicon Valley has always upheld the investment philosophy of "value creation and incremental sharing". Focusing on five major industries – IT, medication and health care, intelligent manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection, and big consumption, it is building its core competitiveness in asset-side judgment, acquisition, value appreciation, and exit.

As the legal counsel for Paradise Silicon Valley, DeHeng set up a project team led by Wu Lianming, the managing partner of Hangzhou office, supported by partner Liu Xiuhua, and attorneys Feng Lin and Li Yingya. The team provided professional, quality and comprehensive legal services for this issuance of bonds.