On March 18, 2019, Mango Excellent Media Co., Ltd. announced that DeHeng Law Offices was selected as a standby legal counsel in new media for Mango Excellent Media (Integrated Services/IP/Litigation and Arbitration).

Mango Excellent Media is a unified new media industry and capital operation platform under Hunan Broadcasting System. Together with Hunan Satellite TV, it constitutes a dual-platform-driven and all-media integration development pattern within the Mango ecosystem. The selection and hiring of standby legal counsels in new media for Mango Excellent Media, was supervised by the company's audit department and Party affairs and disciplinary inspection department. Based on the principle of fairness, impartiality and openness, it is divided into four aspects of public invitation, data filing, data review, and site evaluation. According to the scoring situation of the on-site assessment assigned by the headquarters and subsidiaries, and the review results of the audit and discipline inspection departments, the top 20 law firms in the three categories were selected as the standby legal counsels in new media for Mango Excellent Media in 2019.

In this election, DeHeng established a joint project team with main members including lawyers Liu Zhijun, Wang Ying, Qiao Chun, Gui Lei, Ma Li, and Li Chao from the Beijing office and lawyers Zeng Dingyan, Lin Feng, Xu Zhiqun, Duan Xiaoqiang, Liu Zhipeng, Zhong Guangsheng and Hu Yupeng from the Changsha office. By integrating the superior resources of the two offices, the team jointly declared three service categories of comprehensive services, intellectual property rights, and litigation and arbitration. After data declaration and on-site selection, DeHeng was successfully selected as one of the standby legal counsels in new media for Mango Excellent Media.