OUR Expertise

KCG Partners law firm provides dispute resolution services across all of its practices, covering general commercial, financial and contractual litigation, M&A-related conflicts, tax litigation, public and administrative law, employment matters, and real estate issues.

Our lawyers assist clients at all stages of a conflict: from pre-litigation stages through to negotiations and court proceedings, as well as during alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures. If the latter does not produce a solution we conduct litigation proceedings before national courts and arbitral tribunals.

Our experience extends across the following areas:

  • Pre-emptive management of clients' dispute risks (i.e. legal due diligence and risk audits)
  • Legal risk assessment and advice at pre-litigation stage for efficient, cost effective resolution
  • Client representation at alternative dispute resolution procedures
  • Client representation at court proceedings before national courts and arbitral tribunals.

Interdisciplinary Approach

KGC Partners Law Firm looks beyond the legal context of the case and, working closely with the client, formulates strategy at every stage of the dispute. We have extensive experience in cross-professional collaboration, effectively combining and coordinating technical rigor, business and legal skills and knowledge.

The dispute resolution practice's references include:

  • Large international and domestic manufacturing companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Railway, real estate, and agricultural sector firms

Prevention first

"Prevention is cheaper than restitution" is the practice's guiding motto. KCG Partners is committed to promoting and strengthening use of the law to establish corporate mechanisms that preclude future disputes; our team performs regular legal due diligence and risk audits to meet this goal.

Proactive approach

When a disagreement has occurred, the earlier we are involved, the more likely the chances of a fair and prompt solution. We take a hands-on, proactive approach, presenting practical methods of dispute resolution to help clients make well-informed decisions. We believe that identifying legal problems is not the conclusion of our work but the beginning of a process aimed at achieving effective conclusion: we take steps to influence the outcome of the case rather than simply reacting to past events.

Calling on the input of a multi-disciplinary advisory board, our attorneys have dealt with a number of highly sensitive matters, which have also called upon our crisis management and reputational damage aversion abilities.