Herbert Smith Freehills has contributed a chapter to the first edition of the Global Investigations Review's Guide to Anti-Money Laundering: Representing financial institutions in global multi-agency AML investigations.

In this chapter, we highlight the issues that may occur throughout multi-jurisdictional anti-money laundering investigations into financial institutions, which present numerous challenges and require careful management of the risks that arise. These include issues arising from, among others, self-reporting of breaches, reporting of suspicious transactions, preserving and retrieving documents, cross-border transfer of documents and data, document review, production of documents to multiple regulators, secrecy obligations and prohibition against tipping off, as well as cooperation and/or settlement with multiple regulators. The chapter ends with an overview of the key questions that need to be asked at the outset of and throughout an investigation.

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We wish to thank our colleagues, Pamela Kiesselbach, Valerie Tao, Elizabeth Head, Rémi Jouaneton, Emily Kemp, Martin Le Touzé, Janine Mallis, César Michel and Rania Mostafa for their contributions to this chapter.