We recently spoke to Grebin Cherian, a trainee solicitor in our London office, about two events he's working on at this year's Dive In Festival:

  • The Accessibility of Innovation: A co-creation session with industry leaders and experts
    Thursday 28 September 2023 – From 8.30am BST  in person or 9am  virtually
  • Evolution of the Race Conversation – Past, Present and Future
    Thursday 28 September 2023 – From 1.15pm BST  virtually (or join a watch party at  QBE London's office)

So, Grebin, what are these events all about?

The first event is a hybrid breakfast panel session focusing on innovation and what it means for the neurodiverse community. Hosted by GAIN (Group for Autism, Insurance, Investment, and Neurodiversity), neuro-inclusion experts will talk about driving positive change through collaboration. There will be breakout group sessions integrated in to dive deeper into the important questions around innovation and what impacts it may have on accessibility.

In the afternoon, I've been helping the workstream organise 'Evolution of the Race Conversation' which is virtual with a watch party in the QBE offices in London. The main focus is on how race has been talked about in the past, how it's talked about now and how it may be talked about in the future.

I would like the main takeaway to those attending to be how can they help make a change and carry the message forward.

Grebin Cherian, London, Trainee Solicitor

It'll be a busy day! What's the main thing you'd like people to take away from the events?

From both events, I think there will be many takeaway points, such as being more informed and having a better understanding of the different topics. I would like the main takeaway to those attending to be how can they help make a change and carry the message forward.

What does it mean to you to bring these topics to life?

When I think of the Race Conversation event, I most value the opportunity to reflect on how the Race & Ethnicity landscape started and talk about its evolution. Through organising, I want to help people rediscover why this topic is still important and should remain important in the future.

Considering the rapid rise in technology, I think the neurodiversity event will bring to light the vast amount of support neurodivergent individuals have access to thanks to tech innovations. But it also highlights how one size does not always fit all and discusses what can be done moving forward to make the industry more accessible.